Nonna's Sugo Recipe


Thinking about Nonna’s Sugo (Pasta Tomato Sauce). I realised it is in a lot of my memories and is quite comforting knowing my food love started with something so simple. Thinking back to when we were growing up it always ultimately popped into my head. Us first 6 grand kids out of 13 being babysat by Nonna & Nonno, at their home in their big kitchen she would feed us out of the same saucepan (easy way to get us all to eat haha) Sugo al Burro e Pomodoro (Butter and Tomato Sauce) with tiny pasta. Then it was the memories of Tomato Day, actually 3 days of cutting squeezing boiling banging and throwing tomatoes at each other, lets just say tomatoes were no longer our friends at the point of the year. This was so we had tomato sauce all year round just the way Nonna liked it. Then it was pasta for dinner or for lunch, I would go over to Nonna’s just because why wouldn’t you go when she lived up the street and she cooked everything like a queen. If it wasn’t pasta with Sugo it was Sugo with something else or used as a part of another dish. I have realised that Sugo has been planted in my brain from very early on and I can’t think of a time that tomato day jars weren't staring at me in the pantry.

It would be pretty sad not to have these great memories and to not to be able pass on its goodness.  This was one of the first Plant based Vegan Meals recipes Nonna would have taught me, I guess she was all for it long ago :)


Nonna’s SUGO Recipe

Ingredients –
- Olive Oil
- Salt
- Brown or Red Onion (thinly sliced)
- Home Made Tomato
- 2 x chopped canned Tomato (I always like the organic ones as there isn’t anything extra added and it is not as bitter)
- 1 x Jar or Tomato Passata also Organic if you can
- Fresh Basil
A nice heavy pot – splash your Olive Oil your pot and throw in the Onions and Salt – turn on low with the lid on and let the onions sweat.
Stir and check to not burn the onions are to go translucent and sweet.
Throw in the Chopped Tomatoes & Passata - throw in you basil leaves - put on high so it bubbling to get it going – Nonna always said 20-30mins on high but see how you go you don’t want anything to burn – pop it on medium to start with. After about 20-30mins turn it down super low and little it simmer for 30-60-90-180mins – depending on the time you have and the taste you want.
Throughout the cooking time check for taste, salt & bitterness – if it is bitter you will need to add sugar – I use coconut sugar but Nonna uses raw brown sugar. Sprinkle on top while simmering and let it do its thing.
After an hour – hour and half or so (this is the time I would normally give it as i am a little impatient) (Nonna & Mum Rosie at Good Freakin Food gives it 3-4 hours) give it a try and see what you think - then your ready to go. Add to you favourite pasta or cook some vegetables or rice with it - if there is anything left over pop it in the freezer & use later on – ENJOY !!!