A few new things with Good Freakin Food

Hello Good Freakin Food Family, we hope you have all settled into the New Year – at this point, we are two and a half years old! How crazy is that?! We couldn’t be here without all your love & support, so thank you so much! We (Jacq & Rosie) are always trying to come up with new healthy & fun meals for you to munch on & cannot wait to share 2016 with you.

Unfortunately, over the last two and a half years it is sad to say that all of our suppliers have been popping up their prices & to be honest it has become a too difficult for us to absorb – we didn’t want to disappoint so we kept the same prices we started with in 2013 – now looking deeper, we have realised we are struggling to keep our heads above water. We've been left with no choice but to raise our prices slightly to keep afloat.

Therefore in 2016, we will be offering two different sizes of our meals & also new snack options. We have also changed our containers – still plant based biodegradable & compostable but now available in two different sizes: 700ml for $12 & 950ml for $15 – this will ensure that we are not being wasteful & also accommodating to your needs.

We hope we can share the New Year with you delivering our personally cooked meals that are made completely cruelty free & full of love.